Getting Started with ASP .NET MVC for Beginners


we will start with understanding concept of MVC.
ASP.NET MVC Framework is a web application framework that implements the model-view-controller pattern. 


Advantages of MVC

  • Separation of Concerns
  • Better Support For Test Driven Development
  • Clean URL
  • Better For Search Engine Optimization
  • Full Control Over the User Interface or the HTML
  • Loosely Coupled so Each Component can be tested independently.

Pre-requisite for MVC

Before we start the tutorial let's ensure that you have all the ingredients to create an MVC application. Now MVC has lot of versions MVC 2 , MVC 3 , MVC 4 and MVC 5. So depending on which version you are working you need the appropriate visual studio version.
If you are doing MVC 5 you need VS 2013 you can download the same from
If you are doing MVC 3 and 4 you need VS 2012.
For MVC 2 you need VS 2010  2008 will also do.
So once you have all your pre-requisites it is time to start the first tutorial.

here we are using Visual Studio Professional 2013 with Update 3.

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